Whether you dig her as an Artist or you admire her as an Entrepreneur, Dezi Leon is sure to leave an impression. Her music, her voice, her art, her words. Dezi rhymes about everything from what it was like to be raised by her Grandmother in Roxbury to dealing with an incarcerated parent to what she ate for breakfast this morning. She has a sound that is both reminiscent of the 90s era of hip hop while still fitting in with the new wave of indie artists like H.E.R. and SZA.

With her latest EP, The Room I Stand In, Dezi hopes to gain the respect that she has longed for as a songwriter and a producer. Dezi seems to get better with each release, improving on her lyricism, delivery, and overall presentation. This is the drive and dedication that fans love because beyond music, Dezi has created a brand that is known for both uplifting and inspiring people to follow their own dreams! 

Inspired by many failures and personal tragedies, Dezi is grateful for the confidence and the life lessons that she has learned along the journey. The experiences are what make her Dezi Leon. Stay on the lookout for her latest project, "The Room I Stand In 2" coming soon!!